Thursday, 1 December 2016

Dr Penny's Cabinet of Curiosities #2

Free Comedy Festival

Mozarts, Walter Road, Swansea

Saturday, 21st January, 2017. 2pm - 10:30pm

Sunday, 22nd January, 2017. 3pm - 10pm

Hi folks! Yes, it's official; there will be a second Dr Penny's Cabinet of Curiosities Comedy Festival happening in Swansea in January 2017.

It will once again take place at Mozarts on Walter Road, but this time it is set to be bigger and better than ever as it will be on for TWO DAYS!!

The dates of the festival are Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of January, 2017 and it will be packed full of some of the best comedians on the alternative-side of the UK comedy circuit. The acts are coming with their brand new ideas and are hoping to start forming their shows for 2017 with YOUR help as a lovely audience.

You can come in and out as you please to watch the different shows that will be on throughout the day and night... it is free to enter and we will be taking donations of whatever you want at the end of each show to go towards the acts' travel and accommodation expenses.


Here is a quick-view of the line-up and below are more details about the acts and what shows they will be bringing to Swansea this year.

2pm: Adam Larter
3:15pm: Mark Dean Quinn
4:30pm: Lucy Pearman
5pm: Northern Power Blouse
5:45pm: Eleanor Morton
7pm: Ben Target
8:15pm: Joz Norris
9:30pm: Michael Brunström

3pm: Phil Jarvis
4:15pm: Andy Barr
5:30pm: Marny Godden
6:45pm: The Death Hilarious 
8:00pm: Ali Brice
9:15pm: Noel James


2:00pm: Adam Larter

Show Title:

Lart Noveau

Welcome to Lart Noveau. The new 'show' from Adam Larter. Head of twice Chortle nominated 'Weirdos Comedy', comedian, artist, friend. Late night, rowdy art. Saturday night. Party night. Art night. There will be some nice music, some extreme drama and some moments of bitter bottled art.
'anarchically preposterous' Chortle

"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely." Rodin

Penny Says:

Adam is a fantastic performer whose work is noted for its ‘lunacy’ and uncompromising anarchy that often defies description (thanks Wikipedia!). I think he is a great innovator and has done wonders for the alternative comedy scene in the UK.

3:15pm: Mark Dean Quinn

Mark Dean Quinn has a background in art and is a very inventive act. His performances tend to be quite low-key and deadpan. Over the years Quinn has been compared to the legendary Andy Kaufman in reviews of his shows. He does tend to split audiences and will almost certainly evoke strong reactions!

 ‘Brilliantly deadpan’ Chortle

****  The Skinny

'Other people in the audience were laughing for some reason'
Broadway Baby

4:30pm: Lucy Pearman
Show Title:

Work in Progress

"Traditionally, unmarried girls were sent into the veg garden to choose the 'perfect' cabbage." (Anon)
Lucy Pearman brings us a charming and playful 30 minutes about a maid looking for the perfect cabbage. Bonkers storytelling with a heart... Expect plenty of silliness and a talking cabbage!

'Brilliantly playful...marks Lucy out as something rather special' 
Laugh Out London

'Lucy Pearman is so very endearing to watch and an integral feature of pioneering new comedy in a big way' Funny Women

5:00pm: Northern Power Blouse

Join Northern Power Blouse as they bring you a sketch show full of heart, songs and massive, massive shoulder pads. Credits include Radio 4 (Dead Ringers, NewsJack, Show What You Wrote), E4 (Drifters), ITV (Vera) and shortlisted for BAFTA and Funny Women writing awards.

5:45pm: Eleanor Morton

Eleanor’s notable gigs include supporting Josie Long in 2012 and Tony Law in 2014.
Recently she supported Stewart Francis on his Pun Gent tour, and Frankie Boyle on his Hurt Like You’ve never Been Loved tour.

Eleanor has written for The BBC programmes ‘What’s Funny About The Referendum?’ and SKETCHLAND, and appeared on BBC Scotland’s ‘Scots Squad’ and the BBC’s online ‘Room To Write’. She has also been a panelist and writer on Radio Scotland’s ‘Breaking The News’, and appeared on Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra. In 2016 she returned to The Stand Comedy Club for her third solo show at The Fringe ‘Happy Birthday Katie Lewis’

‘Poster girl for awkward’ Chortle

7pm: Ben Target

Show Title:

Ben Target's Tasty Comedy Show

Exquisite props, inadvisable performance art and one joke (maybe).

'Impressively funny' Scotsman

'One of very few comics who manage to do something new with the art form while keeping an audience thoroughly entertained' Guardian

Penny Says:

Ben is a fascinating performer who is very engaging and always has interesting ideas. Watching Ben is always an experience which leaves a lasting effect on me.

8:15pm: Joz Norris

Show Title:

Look At Me, Don’t Look At Me

‘Performing is a way of totally removing yourself from a crowd by ensuring all their attention is focused on you; I think that’s interesting.’ Says Joz, who has been seen/heard on BBC Radio 4, ITV2, Channel 4 and Dave.

Penny Says:

Come watch this fascinating and lovable performer do his thing for us once again in Swansea.

'An absolute idiot... Simple, silly and screamingly funny'  Fest

'Fastidiously avoids boring or obvious choices and excels at being unselfconsciously daft.'  TVBomb

'A cult comedy legend.'  Dead Cat Comedy

9:30pm: Michael Brunström

Show title:

Dried Parsley

Michael Brunstrom presents a series of experiments and experiences that will comprise a ballet-ritual-caper known as parsley.  Expect oddness, music, foliage, dance, sauce and melancholy.
Winner, Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality 2015

'Sense bendingly entertaining...Great, crazy, never to be forgotten comedy. ****' Kate Copstick, The Scotsman


3pm: Phil Jarvis

"If I did a story time in a library it would go something like this…” Says Phil.

Penny Says:

Having seen Jarvis' previous work, I would expect this offering to be pretty bizarre and bonkers with somewhat of an intellectual undertone. Phil and his fellow players tend to relate to both highbrow and lowbrow culture and provide us with a modern-day Brechtian experience…or he might just do a poo on the stage and leave! ;-)

4:15pm: Andy Barr

Andy Barr (award winning administrator) is trapped on a tropical island.

Penny Says:

Andy is a compelling performer. He’s a clever guy with interesting and funny material, which in the past has included poetry and a glimpse at his tortured soul. Andy Barr is open everyone – mine’s a pint of ale please!

5:30pm: Marny Godden

Show Title:

Marny Godden is: One Tooth

Marny Godden is one of the most joyful and original voices in British comedy. Whether it be in her live shows or onscreen performances, her rag-tag collection of characters transport audiences into a playground of silliness and stupidity. In this her latest creation, a toothless punk beguiles the audience with tales from the tooth.

‘Sublimely silly, brilliant surreal’ THE TIMES.

‘Perfectly executed comedy’ EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS

 ‘Godden’s style is hilarious’ THREE WEEKS  

‘Outstandingly performed’ BROADWAY BABY

6:45pmThe Death Hilarious

A darkly comic sketch-based double-act from South Wales; The Death Hilarious are absolutely unique and original. Their cleverly written, side-splitting material (which does not shy away from the seamier side of life) is wonderfully brought alive by great acting and their willingness to give a hundred-and-ten percent to their performances. They present great comedy with delicious undertones of horror. The Death Hilarious took part in the BBC Radio New Comedy Award, 2016. 

"Stop playing your weird music at all hours, it's putting these boys on edge!"  Mrs Chalmers, Neighbour, The Guardian (of three foster children).

8:00pm: Ali Brice

Show Title:

Ali Brice's Sentimental Breakdown: a work in progress by a dickhead (see picture)!

Ali Brice is a character comedian.

Performing since 2009, Brice creates very silly, vividly-coloured worlds full of very silly, larger-than-life characters.

He played the lead character of Graeme in the smash-hit live show Graeme of Thrones: a silly tribute to Game of Thrones, which toured the UK and Australia. Ali is a member of the London-based alternative comedy collective Weirdos. He is currently working on projects in America and we are very lucky that he shall be coming all the way to little old Swansea to grace us with his (rather awesome) presence!

‘Joyously bonkers ... the perfect level of exaggerated oddness without tipping into the self-indulgent’ **** Steve Bennett, Chortle

‘A twinkle-eyed, moustachioed comedy natural’ *****

‘Completely bizarre... deadpan, yet totally off the wall’ **** ThreeWeeks

‘Like Vic and Bob, but noisier’ Laugh Out London

9:15pm: Noel James

The legendary Noel James comes to finish the whole festival off with a bang for us! Very experienced and talented, Noel is guaranteed to make you laugh with his relentless silly jokes. He says of his act: ‘It is gag, gag, gag all the way – though some of it consists of non-baby-talk. Above all, my act is highly original; the guy who wrote it assured me of this!’

‘Liberates the lunatic side to our personalities - brilliantly!’  Time Out

Stands out like a droll giant in a comedy land of trite dwarfs’  The Independent

‘Huge fan!’  The Sunday Times

‘Absolutely Hilarious!’  HTV & Wales on Sunday

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Chatty Chatty Bang Bang!


There is a new comedy chat show starting up on Wednesday the 7th of September, 2016.

It will be held at Mozarts in Swansea and will feature interviews, characters, videos and some great live music.

The night will be co-hosted by Sarah Bridgeman, who is a well known and much loved figure on the South Wales comedy scene, and Penny Matthews, who is the most talented and funny one of the two (guess who is writing this!!!!😜).

The ladies will be accompanied by an amazing musical-comedy act; the powerful force known as Jeff Japers. Once seen never forgotten and loved forever!

We will also have an interview with the wonderful Hannah Punder. Sarah said of her: 'I think she's an activist or something?!' All I know of her is that she's an awesome, strong and lovely lady! It will be interesting and fun to chat with her to find out more.

As well as all this we will have videos and some daft characters in the mix, all for your entertainment. I'm pretty sure it will be the most entertaining Wednesday night you've had for a long time.

Bring your pals, chill out, have a laugh and enjoy.

See you there.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Free Comedy Festival in Swansea, Saturday January 16th, 2016.

There will be an all-day comedy event called Dr Penny's Cabinet of Curiosities held at Mozarts in Swansea on Saturday on January 16th, 2016.

It will feature 7 comedy shows in all.
The talented and original acts are coming from various parts of the UK to be with us. Shows are all free, but acts will be taking donations at the end of each show, to cover travel costs.
This one-off, exciting event will also feature live music during interludes.
Here is a list of the acts, some info about them and the times their shows will be starting...

Joz Norris


Back in Swansea by popular demand is award-winning idiot Joz Norris (of the Chortle Award-nominated Weirdos Collective, and Honorary Board Member of the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society). A charming and compelling performer, Joz is a delight to watch and he will entertain you in his own special way! 

"An absolute idiot...Simple, silly and screamingly funny." Fest 

"A potentially massive future comedy star." The Herald 

"A born entertainer and a great comedy writer." Chortle

Phil Jarvis


Visiting us from Basingstoke is absurdist comedian Phil Jarvis. Performing as Malcolm Julian Swan he is also bringing friends to feature as characters in his rather bonkers show:
Malcolm Julian Swan presents 'Kafka or Magaluf ' - A play.
Part rave, part nightmare, an immersive trip to a bureaucratic nightclub. Clipboard or waffle? Dance or cry? Kafka or Magaluf? 

"Admirably shambolic...highly recommended.." So it goes- John Fleming's blog

"Showed creativity and talent and certainly lived up to the remit of the night being for new and different things" nottscomedyreview blog

CRITIC'S CHOICE Gareth Morinan Alternative New Act Of The Year Award 2014.

Cassie Atkinson


From Bolton,  Lancashire, Cassie can be found on the comedy circuit as a character comedian and was 2nd in The Bolton Octagon's Comedy Club competition, as well as a finalist in the Garetht Morinan Alternative Act of the Year. 
She also runs a comedy night in London.
Cassie has been acting for several years, having worked in theatre and television her credits include the National Theatre, ITV and E4. 

Ben Target


As seen on BBC 3, Ben is a very interesting alternative comedian who won the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year in 2011 and has also been nominated for the Fosters Comedy Best Newcomer Award.
He has been gaining a cult following on the UK circuit since 2010. His shows are well known for being surreal, absurd and different - often utilising storytelling and props to punctuate his narratives. 
Target is a regular performer at some of the most prestigious alternative comedy clubs in the UK, including ACMS, Weirdos and The Invisible Dot.

Eleanor Morton


The award-nominated Eleanor Morton comes to Swansea for the first time to share her wonderfully crafted comedy with us. 
Expect rambling nonsense, a séance and a general feeling of absurdist unease.
As heard on Radio4 Extra.

"Eleanor Morton's uncanny comedy is intelligent, enjoyable and very funny" TV Bomb

"A perfectly formed, awkward hour of social ineptitude" Broadway Baby

"A wonderfully whimsical experience" Three Weeks

"Beautifully surreal" Fringe Monkey

"A definite star in the making" One4Review

Michael Brunstrom


Warning Swansea!! This show is strictly for aficionados of weird and surreal material. Michael Brunström presents an hour of absurdist alternative comedy stunts and skits. 
Winner of the increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality 2015 (nominated 2014).
Winner of the Gareth Morinan Alternative New Act of the Year Competition 2013.

" **** This is a strange and wonderful hour . . . I absolutely loved it." Scotsman

"Big, bold and dumb" Chortle

"What the...?" Metro

"Wonderfully absurd" London Is Funny

"A proper weirdo" Time Out

"Unique among modern comedians" Laugh Out London

Adam Larter


Founder of  the award- nominated Weirdos Comedy Club, Adam's performances are absurd, silly and extremely entertaining. 
Always coming up with fun, original ideas, Adam has been behind many innovative comedy shows and ventures in London, Edinburgh, Leicester and more! 
Swansea -  this is not one to miss... come and see a true comedy genius (his own words!) at work.

"Stubbornly divorced from any conventional idea of success." Fest

"Isn't something that would fit into a normal comedy club" The Skinny